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Welcome to GeorgeMiller.Absolutely.Exposed!

George Miller

Hello! My name is George Miller. Welcome to my site!

Please click on my photo or here to enter, but ONLY if you are at least 21 years old

I’m from Louisiana but live in Dallas TX now. I am a very submissive bottom oriented closet homosexual. I stand close to 6’5” and weigh 225#s but only about 4.5” erect. Probably why I enjoy long term chastity.

I’ve been exposing myself for about 3 years now but only with my real name for last year. I love the idea that people who know me might see me online as I really am. If you want me to know that you know, just call me “Tiny” if you ever see me in person. Expect me to ask to give you oral in my reply.

As always, please feel free to download anything of me and share to your hearts content. Especially to guys in north central Texas!

Twitter: @subm4you2use

And I am so proud of being part of TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!